Best business ideas – embrace bad to get good business ideas 

What is a bad idea? Is there a bad idea? I won’t be biased in this situation. Because what is a bad idea to me might not necessarily be a bad Idea to you; you get the concept right? When I was younger, my father would scold me for every little thing I do, things [...]

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Seven marketing ideas for Halloween

Halloween is coming; you have to get prepared. In this post, I would give you 7 Halloween marketing ideas for your business Dress your store up. You necessarily don’t need to sell costumes to dress up your store for Halloween. You can try a Halloween themed window for your store. For instance, if you run [...]

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How to have successful business ideas

  Most of us think coming up with a successful business idea is scary. Just when you think you have come up with the best idea, another inspiration comes up, and the first idea doesn’t look good anymore. This is how it happens and happens till you can’t come up with any idea. (You may [...]

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