Seven marketing ideas for Halloween

Halloween is coming; you have to get prepared. In this post, I would give you 7 Halloween marketing ideas for your business

  1. Dress your store up. You necessarily don’t need to sell costumes to dress up your store for Halloween. You can try a Halloween themed window for your store. For instance, if you run a salon, you can put up a cutout of Elvira with a joyful Halloween message. This is a very excellent way to let your customers know that you care. Doing this makes your brand more loved.
  2. Hold a Halloween contest. Halloween is a very joyful and creative holiday. You can take advantage of the fact that Halloween is a creative holiday and hold a creative Halloween contest. The contest doesn’t have to be boring, just think of something creative and engaging.
  3. Give your best customers a treat. We all surely have one or two customers that they are the best. Since it is Halloween, it is time to make them happy. You can mail your best customers bars of chocolate, or a bag filled with Halloween candy, or a branded flask. You can also give them a coupon for a free service or product with their next purchase.
  4. Give your products Halloween branded names. Giving your products Halloween branded names is one of the best ways to get more customers. Customers love a brand that is enticing and quality. During Halloween season, Halloween branded products will be enticing to customers. Be creative and have fun.
  5. Give discounts to every customer in costume. Most customer will be in their costume on Halloween day, so the best way to get them trooping at your store or business place is by giving discounts to every customer in costume. You can also throw a Halloween themed party and offer coupons to customers in costumes.
  6. Send out varieties of Halloween cards. Although it is almost a tradition for most business to send cards in December, most especially Christmas days, you can make a difference and surprise your customers by sending out Halloween cards on Halloween. It would make your customers look and feel special, and it would build your brand the more.
  7. Use social media. You can use share your company staffs old Halloween photos on social media. This would draw more customers to your brand. You can aloes post different Halloween stories; something that can grab customers attention.

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