Best business ideas – embrace bad to get good business ideas 

What is a bad idea? Is there a bad idea? I won’t be biased in this situation. Because what is a bad idea to me might not necessarily be a bad Idea to you; you get the concept right?

When I was younger, my father would scold me for every little thing I do, things that seem normal to me. But in my father’s eyes, those things are way bad ideas. So you get the concept about bad ideas now; it might be a bad idea to you and not be a bad idea to me.

So what am I driving at; just because an idea is bad to you doesn’t mean it is bad to me. So it is time to let out those ideas out and stop calling them bad.

You know what I love about the ideas we call bad, they make us grow personally, creatively and professionally.

So why are we discarding those ideas (the ones we call bad ideas)? We need to embrace those ideas because there is a greater good to every idea you call bad.

Here we would learn how to embrace your bad ideas to get good business ideas.

  1. Stop thinking any idea is bad. Everyone wants to be perfect even if we can’t be perfect. Making mistakes can cause lots of criticism; no one wants to be criticized for coming up with an idea everyone thinks is bad. To come up with an excellent idea, you have to stop thinking any idea is bad and get the courage to stick with the idea you believe in even if they believe its bad. Of course, people will criticize you, but you shouldn’t let that affect you.
  1. Think of quantity over quantity when starting an idea. I know we need to think of quality when coming up with an idea. But the truth is that no one ever came up with an awesome idea at first, they developed the idea as they worked on it. So forget the idea of getting a quality idea when starting, just start with the 100 ideas you have and work on them.
  1. Always know when to let go. To get a good business idea, you should know when to back out from an idea. Most times there are some ideas that are not worth pursuing. So instead of wasting your time pursuing an idea that will later turn out to be a waste of time, just let go.
  1. Believe in yourself. It’s your idea. Believe in yourself and believe in your idea. It takes determination to get a super successful idea.

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