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3 Online Entrepreneur Ideas You Can Ride This Year

If you do not log into the internet a couple of times a day, you must be living under a rock. The internet has become such a big deal that some people would rate it as very important. That said, there are so many internet business opportunities that would make you a decent income without having to leave your house. All you will need is a working laptop and good internet connection.

– Use social media as platforms for great online business ideas

We all love social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have millions of site visitor’s every day making them the best places to make money. With all those visitors, you can turn them into loyal customers in no time.

If a business does not have a good social media visibility, it is bound to fail. Why not use these platforms to sell something as well? The best part is you do not have to purchase anything to start selling them. This is why affiliate marketing and drop shipping are making it online. They sell stuff that belongs to other people. All you have to do is be creative to capture the attention of your niche market and start selling. Once you make a couple of deliveries, your clients realize you are reliable and will be coming for more.

A great social media marketer notices the gap in the market and fills it with the products or services they offer. So be keen in this area, and you will be sure to make a steady flow of income in no time.

–  Turn your love for writing into amazing online entrepreneur ideas

If you love writing and doing research, you are in luck. Do you know the number of college students who would like to hire you for your research writing skills? Throw in research companies, marketing companies, content creators and political groups. The market is so huge that you will never have to worry about your next paycheck.

You may not have it easy when starting out since many people are in on the pie. However, offer competitive prices when starting out and build on your clients’ trust. Once they feel they can rely on you to deliver superb results, they will pay you at your rates.

–  Try consultancy as one of your internet business opportunities

If there ever was a job with high demand, it has to be consulting. Companies will put away budgets to hire consultants to come in and help with strategizing. People will hire consultants to help them put together their financial portfolios.

If you are a newbie at this but love paperwork, try offering consulting services to college students. Education being one of the industries disrupting the internet, would work well for you if you went in as a financial advisor for college students. They are so afraid of the ongoing debt crisis that they do not want to get into debt. Most of them will pay very well to have a consultant help them with their finances.

You can imagine how much you might make if an average consultant cashes in $81000 a year. And you do not have to stop at that. If you want to make more, all you will need to do is expand into other profitable markets.

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What’s more, most of these consultants have CPAs so they can double as tax consultants. If you are one of these CPA holders, you will be making more money than you would have ever imagined, preparing tax returns for these college students.